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Movie review:- The movie is  Dugaldi

Actors  Santhanam, Radha Ravi, Rithika Sen, Tarun Arora, Yogi Babu, Rekha, Santana Bharati

Movement  Vijay Anand

While Santhanam starred in the previous hit A1, Santhanam was thrilled with the news that both the films ‘Dagaldi’ and ‘Sarwar Sundaram’ would be released on the same day. Then, with ‘Ducaldi’ only being released this week, Server Sundaram has been relegated for two more weeks.

Dougalty movie download tamilrockers
Dougalty movie download tamilrockers

The story of Dagaldi is this: Samrat (Tarun Arora) is the richest man. If he draws a picture of a woman on his computer, he has the perverse habit of searching for the same girl and solving his desire. At the beginning of the film, she portrays the heroine (Ritika Sen) and tells her to take the girl.

Drug trafficker Guru (Santhanam) is searching for the woman in Mumbai. Unbeknownst to the girl in Tiruchendur, he goes there, cheats her and hands her to Samrat. After putting the money in the room and drinking it, the Guru rescues the girl. It would be unclear what Yogibabu’s role is

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In the last few years, there have been a few films in Tamil going to the ‘Road Trip’. In doing so, the hero will rescue the dangerous heroine. In the film, the protagonist endangers the heroine and then rescues him. The punishment for this is for the viewers.

From the start, the film goes into the bullock as it fits into any logic. The villain who is painting as well as looking for the woman, the heroine who believes in the heroine, the narcotics trafficker, the good hero who kidnaps the girl and entrusts the villain to the villain, who tries to portray him as a friend.

In a red light in Andhra Pradesh, the hero, fight and rescue the hero, the scenes are terrible. Even in video games, the fighting figure is charged. But, Santhanam is getting close to the film, smashing the audience without even scratching it.

In the midst of this, the film moves into some, many songs, one-line comedies. Only a few scenes are okay as the final phase approaches. Yogi Babu comes in some scenes at the beginning and finally some scenes.

The heroine in a movie may be Luce. Can those who are watching the film for that matter?

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