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Hero movie review:- Actors  Sivakarthikeyan, Arjun, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Abhay Deol, Robot Shankar

Music is  Yuvan Shankar Raja

Movement  P.S. Mitran

There are very few superhero movies made directly in Tamil. The title and posters of the film have created a modest expectation on this film starring Sivakarthikeyan. B.S. This is Mithran’s next film.

By the end of the ’90s, Shaktiman had grown up watching television series (Sivakarthikeyan) and aspired to become a superhero. But the father is forced to sell his score list for medical expenses. Since then, he has been preparing fake certificates, enrolling students in private engineering and medical colleges and earning a commission.

Shakti is trying to find a clever student in the same area, Madhiku (Ivana), in an engineering college. But, stealing the discovery of the afternoon, they say he has no place. Thus, Mathi commits suicide. Shakti meets Satyamurthy (Arjun) who cares for many smart students like Madhi. The rest of the story of why Murthy lives apart from the outside world, what is the purpose of the villains and what made them power.
In the superhero story, the story of how the superhero originated is briefly summarized, and comes straight to the adventures and fight scenes. But, after much of the film is over, it is understood that there is no regular superhero film as the hero is gone

Students should not be burdened with mere marks; It is emphasized in various ways throughout the film that they have unique talents. Later in the film, the superhero incarnates and launches the enemy. In some instances, the director quotes from the script as if it were a sequel to Shankar’s Gentleman.

hero tamil movie download tamilrockers
hero tamil movie download tamilrockers

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Man who thought he was a superhero as a child, the reasons for getting a fake certification job are not acceptable. Moreover, it is somewhat overstated to see that the simplest inventions, the big corporate companies, are afraid of catching inventors and paralyzing the eye.

The hero of the superhero incarnation as the film nears its end. But the adventures and fights he does on that roll are less than the adventures of regular Tamil cinema heroes.

Kalyani Priyadarshan, who made her Tamil debut with the film, has performed well in some scenes. But he disappears suddenly. Similarly, Robot Shankar is missing after some scenes.

His fans who want to see Sivakarthiyan as an action hero may enjoy the film.

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