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kesari movie review:- Patriotic films are not only being liked but are also doing well at the box office. This is the reason that history is going to drift and stories / stories are being found on which a film can be made.

One such anecdote of Battle of Saragarhi is recorded in the pages of history. Afghan aggressors prevailed over the British, but the Sikhs fought bravely. Hence the Sikhs were stationed at Fort Lockhart, Gulistan and Saragarhi Fort.

On 12 September 1897, there was a fight between the 36th Regiment of the British Indian Army and the Afghans. In which only 21 Sikh soldiers had fought ten thousand aggressors, and had drawn hours of the fight that ended in a few minutes. These aggressors attack Saragarhi with the intention of occupying all three posts in a single day.

kesari movie download tamilrockers
kesari movie download tamilrockers

Instead of running away from the crowd, these 21 soldiers decide to fight and fight to the last breath under the leadership of Isher Singh (Akshay Kumar). The fight drags on to help other posts and the aggressors’ intentions are destroyed.

Director Anurag Singh has made the film based on this incident by adding some imagination. In these types of films too, some fixed formulas have been done and the same thing is seen in ‘Kesari’. Soldiers remembering and worrying about their parents, the sadness of not celebrating the honeymoon (running through the border), a soldier who does not laugh, is a very young age who has never killed anyone, all these Things can also be seen in ‘Kesari’.

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The director has kept this part to entertain the audience and keep the film long and this is the weak part of the film. The film returns to the track as soon as the rough patch is over when the fight begins.

Some people may find that this battle was fought under the flag of the British Indian Army, which had Sikh soldiers, but as soon as Sikh soldiers declare that this fight is not enslaved or to the British, but to their community. And fighting for clay becomes a catch in the film.

The audience knows what is going to happen in the film, but here the film gets the point because how it all happens is very well told. Especially the fight scenes are shot very cleanly and the talk of Desh Prem is threaded in this beautiful way. In the name of patriotism, unnecessary speech is not kept. The depiction of the bravery of soldiers, lofty courage and emotion also makes the eyes moist. The climax of the film is tremendous when Akshay Kumar keeps on fighting like a lion till his last breath with gun, sword, stone.

Anurag Singh’s work as a director is good. He has taken care of the martial arts, political situation and costumes of that era. He has also added some clapping and whistling scenes cleverly to the film. It would have been better if he had saved the film with some ‘typical formulas’.

The music of the film gives an edge to the story. The editing is tremendous and the battle scenes are brilliantly combined.

Akshay Kumar is the lifeline of this film. They are covered from the first frame to the last frame. He dominates every frame and taking advantage of this, he has kept the film on his shoulders. They also manage the film where the film falls short. As Ishar Singh, he looks like Singh and his sense of leadership as well.
Parineeti Chopra’s role is not very long, but she makes her presence felt. Other actors including Surmeet Singh Basra as Gurmukh Singh, Survinder Vicky as Nayak Lal Singh, Vansh Bhardwaj as Lance Naik Chanda Singh, Brahma Mishra as Khuda Dad are also good.

This saga of valor and courage of 21 soldiers can be seen.

Banner: Dharma Productions, Cape of Good Films, Azare Entertainment, Zee Studios

Producers: Karan Johar, Sunil Khetarpal, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Aruna Bhatia

Director: Anurag Singh

Artists: Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra

Sensor Certificate: UA * 2 hours 30 minutes 47 seconds

Rating: 3/5

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