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mafia chapter 1 movie review:- Movie  Mafia – 1

Actors  Arun Vijay, Priya Bhavanishankar, Prasanna

Cinematography  Gokul Pinoy

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Music by  Jax Pinoy

Movement  Karthik Narain

The film ‘Narakasuran’ directed by Karthik Narain, which attracted attention through the Polaris 16 film, was a huge disappointment for ‘Mafia’. The ‘Stylish’ photos and trailer of the film further increased this expectation.

mafia chapter 1 movie download tamilrockers
mafia chapter 1 movie download tamilrockers

Man Arya (Arun Vijay) is working in the Drug Control Unit. He is accompanied by Satya (Priya Bhavanishankar) and Varun.

Although the minors were caught up in the task of controlling the drug, they were unable to catch the person at the top. In the meantime, a high-ranking drug lord and social activist (Thalaivasal Vijay) is killed.

After that, Arya is approaching Tiwara (Prasanna), the person who is the top of the plan. But Divakar abducts Arya’s family. The rest of the story is about who was able to rescue the family and who was behind the drug gang.

If the drug-themed thriller is anything to go by, there will be no famine. The conflict between the drug gangs, the police search, the black goats have many interesting aspects to these stories.

But there is no such thing in this film. The first half is a test of patience. The film moves without the usual giggles, casual scenes, and a ‘gig’ as no turning-point script. A social activist (he’s name is Mukhilan!) Finds just the kind of gang leader that can’t be found in the Drug Abuse Department.

The narcotics gang comes in and kills the leader of the narcotics unit. Such unbearable scenes in the first half.

The second half is okay. Still, there is no novelty in the script. As usual, the hero protagonist rescues the villain in order to get into the villain’s place, leaving the villain’s parents behind.

There is a twist as the story takes you to the second part of the film. That only makes it fun. But since we have just finished the first part, there is no great interest.

Another big problem with the film is the slow motion scenes. The three-quarters of the film is so unbearable that it happens.

It’s a great idea to create a theme for this image and design the title cards accordingly. Another aspect to appreciate in the film is the cinematography. Gokul Pinoy is the first scene from the last scene. While it may seem a bit odd to begin with in terms of background music, once in a while you will get used to which piece of music will be used.

Like all the films, Arun Vijay is in the movie. The other actors in the film cannot be blamed. But that’s not interesting, as it is outlined in the script

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