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NGK movie review:- Enjike (Nanda Gopalan Kumaran): Cinema Review

Muralitharan Kasivisvanathan

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Movie  NGK (Nanda Gopalan Kumaran)

Actors  Surya, Sai Pallavi, Rukul Breath Singh, Prince, Pon Bhoran, Shadows Ravi, Thalaivasal Vijay, Balasingh

Music is  Yuvan Shankar Raja

Movement  Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan is a film released six years after the release of World War II. It is also the first film made with a Mass Hero.

NGK from Srivilliputhur Nanda Gopalan Kumaran (Surya) is a natural farmer. He also mobilizes young people in the town and does social work. But the pest dealers in the town threaten him not to do natural farming and set fire to his field. Thus he approaches the local politician and tries to solve the problem.

Then he looks into the power of the politician (the prince), and he goes into politics as a politician. Then the chief minister and the opposition leader try to kill him, unable to withstand the ‘growth’ of the NGK. Whether he was killed or not, the rest of the story.

Selvaraghavan is trying to take a thriller against the backdrop of contemporary political and social movements. But the only confusion in the film is whose side from which to tell the story and how to tell it.

The start of the film is unbelievable as some young people in the town are intimidated by rowdy farming. Besides, the political symbols of the film are irrelevant. Behind the scenes, Mgr. The film and the sun behind the Chief Minister’s head are coming in some scenes. Then comes the long episode of a minister’s sexual controversy. All these have not helped the film’s story or screenplay.

In the midst of this, IT. They look like a company and introduce it as the party headquarters. There, a young girl, educated at Cambridge, Randi (Rakul), is threatening everyone from the party leader. He runs a PR firm and is a party strategist. So much for a month and a half of salaried terra girl, when she sees Surya, she starts to like.

Too many scenes fragmented without the need for a main story. After meeting NGK at the hotel, Rathi tells NGK, “I don’t know what you can do.” What did NGK ask? Then in a theater, Balasingh and NGK have a long conversation.

The problem is that it is not clear what the hero’s goal is from the beginning of the film. He does natural farming first. Then he gets down to politics and does something. Then the governors are abducted and transported to NGK.

Then the chief minister tries to kill the NGK. Then there is the preparations for a tribute to NGK. As we are wondering what NGK did to hold such a big ceremony, his wife goes to the bicycle for the ceremony. Some on the way (about 100) attack him.

NGK movie download tamilrockers
NGK movie download tamilrockers

In spite of that, he comes to a complimentary ceremony and spreads both arms and starts bombing at home. Then he becomes the leader of the opposition, interviews the television and ends the film. It’s like hitting the second part.

The film is first shown in Srivilliputhur. The Chief Minister, Opposition leader and Vanathi are in Chennai. Then, as Senya and Srivilliputtura do not know, everything begins to happen in one place.

This is not a good film for the film’s hero, Surya. Suddenly changing facial expressions. Speaking excitedly. But he couldn’t do much because the screenplay wasn’t clear.

Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet Singh are two heroines. Man is already married to Sai Pallavi. Thus, the only concern of the entire heroine of the film is to suspect that the relationship between Rakul Breath Singh and Man.

As the film goes on and on, the song suddenly comes between a hero and a second hero. Couldn’t bear the truth.

Suriya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul, Pon Varshan and Nalla Ravi are all talented and proven actors. But everyone is acting in this movie. Shadows, the father of the hero, is only one verse in the entire film.

Background music is okay in Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music.

Selvaraghavan has given a disappointing film in all the story, screenplay and filmmaking.

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