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notebook movie review:- From time to time Salman Khan gives opportunities to new faces. Through ‘Notebook’, he has given opportunity to Zaheer Iqbal and Pranootan Bahl. This is a Hindi remake of the 2014 film ‘Teachers Diary’ which has been adapted according to India.

Kashmir has started appearing again in films these days. In the last few films, the condition of beautiful Kashmir was shown, but the Kashmir shown in ‘Notebook’ looks very beautiful and serene and after a long time the beauty of this region has been seen.

‘Notebook’ is a love story in Kashmir’s backdrops, which are unique in that the boyfriend-girlfriend are face-to-face for the first time at the last minute of the film. They start loving each other without seeing and knowing each other. A notebook becomes the source of their love and with this the story is carried forward.

notebook  movie download tamilrockers
notebook movie download tamilrockers

Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) was banished from Kashmir as a child. With this pain, he gets recruited in the army. One incident makes him prone to guilt and quit his job and becomes a teacher in a school in Kashmir.
Here, he takes a notebook which belongs to Firdaus (Pranutan Bahl), a teacher in this school before him. By reading this notebook, not only does he like Paradise, but his thinking also changes.

There is little rawness in the story and screenplay of the film and some of the important events of the story are not properly constructed.

A school located in a lake away from the population does not seem to matter. Perhaps the film looked beautiful, so it was done. How can a lady teacher stay in such a secluded school? How does Kabir run a mobile when there is no electricity?

Special circumstances were not created for the break-up affair between Firdaus and his fiancée. Suddenly, she is brought in by a woman who says that she is going to be the mother of the child of a fiancée of Firdaus. Firdaus overhears and has a breakup.
Similarly, Kabir is childish to chase his girlfriend and fight in a Salman Khan style fight with her lover. Kabir suddenly starts liking Firdaus which is a shock to the audience. The story here had to be cooked a bit more.

Director Nitin Kakkar could not handle these special twist of the story properly, but he handled the empty spaces in the middle very well. Nitin has used the cuteness of children so well that they often overshadow the flaws of the story.

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Kabir’s gradual winning of children is a very good part of the film. Also, the film also impresses with its simplicity at times. The director has given a hint to the Kashmir problem, but has not let the love story dominate and he can be praised for it.
Here the network is found only when the weather and atmosphere is good ‘dialogues like saying a lot. Some scenes in the film are very good and emotions emerge in them.
Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan are average in terms of looks, but both fit this story. Both of them appear confident and seeing the first film, their performance can be said to be right. Zaheer’s performance is slightly better than Pranutan’s. The film features five-six children who win hearts with their innocence.

Vishal Mishra’s music sounds good while watching the film. The background music is awesome. The cinematography of Manoj Kumar Khatoi is less appreciated. He has done full justice to the beauty of Kashmir and at times his work overshadows the film.

Unique romance, naivete of children and superb cinematography are the plus points of the film.

Banner: Salman Khan Films, Ashwin Verde Productions, Cine 1 Studios Production

Producers: Salma Khan, Ashwini Verde, Murad Khetani

Director: Nitin Kakkar

Music: Vishal Mishra

Artist: Zaheer Iqbal, Pranootan Bahl

Censor certificate: u

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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